Daniel’s Story

As a child, I often told everyone in the car to put on their seat belts before we drove off, I wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

I chuckle at the nickname my mom gave me as a child, “Dan-Dan The Safety Man”. Many years later no one calls me that, thankfully, but I think about what the name meant. It’s not that I loved being safe, it’s that I loved my family. I realized, in order to take a risk, you have to respect the balance of consequence. For this reason, my interests range from predictive modeling to discussing the rising need for doctors in Nevada, the advanced use of technology in safety to the way our world is being shaped by the internet of things (IOT). I’m always in favor of taking calculated risk, but to think, “It all started with a seat belt”.

Today I work with for/non-profit organizations helping engage positive change in their biggest vulnerabilities. While risk can often be viewed as a negative, I help you understand the positive side of managing it, allowing your organization to take bigger leaps into the future.

Partner not Salesman

When it comes to insurance, I believe you need a dedicated partner not a salesman. Selling insurance is easy, but helping you manage your risk takes dedication and effort. My clients enjoy the fact that I spend time to understand and know their operations. Insurance carriers want to know your story and somebody has to tell it. A great broker tells your story in a way separates you from the crowd in a good light. In partnership, I tell your story better.

Daniel LeaMon DBA Daniel Insures

Daniel LeaMon holds his property and casualty insurance license with the state of NV. He currently works as an insurance broker and risk advisor with Distinctive Insurance based out of Las Vegas, NV.